Juan Ponce De Leon.  SS4H2 
Meet the explorer who accompanied Columbus on his second voyage to the New World and was the first European credited with discovering Florida. Was he searching for the Fountain of Youth? 1 hour.
Sequoyah. SS2H1, SS2H2
Learn about Cherokees during the early 19th century and the man who created their written language.  Who was Sequoyah and why did he want to emulate the white man's "Talking Leaves"? How did the Cherokee syllabary change life for these Native Americans?  This program is perfect for second-graders. 1 hour 
Susan B. Anthony. SSUSH7
Learn about the life of America's most famous suffragette through this powerful first-person interpretation. . Who was Susan B. Anthony and what motivated her to fight for women's rights? Also learn about Anthony's friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her efforts to gain equal rights for women. 45 minutes 
Cherokee Blacksmiths. SS2H2
Donnie and George Ross, direct descendants of Chief John Ross, dress in period clothing and demonstrate the art of blacksmithing while telling observers about Cherokee history, the Treaty of New Echota and the Trail of Tears. This fascinating demonstration and living history lesson captivates people of all ages. 1 hour
Pioneer Skills. SS2H1, SS4H3
Students witness skills used by pioneers and early settlers. Butter churning, open-fire cooking, spinning and weaving are among the demonstrations available for this program. Participation in skills can be arranged for groups of 25 or less.  The length of this program varies according to the skills demonstrated and the level of involvement by participants. Workshop format available.
Archaeology Suitcase. "Georgia's Natives: How Do We Know About the Past?"
What do we know about the pre-history of Georgia and how do we know it? An archaeologist teaches students about artifacts while showing them many examples of items made and used by Georgia's Native Americans. This hands-on program engages students in an investigation of the past. 45 minutes. Grades 2-12
Appalachian Music. SS4H3
Children love to participate in the singing and dancing! Mark and Julee Glaub Weems include songs, tunes, ballads and stories, played on guitar, fiddle, banjo, flute, mountain dulcimer and bodhrán (Irish Drum). Also offered are various length cultural enrichment programs which focus on Appalachian instruments, the influence of Celtic culture, immigration, Jack Tales, dance, old-time mountain games and more! 1 hour and 2 hour programs available.
Paul Revere:  Revolutionary Messenger
Join Michael Gaare in this new one-person show featuring the story of Paul Revere and his legendary midnight ride signalling the beginning of our Revolutionary War. Lots of audience participation as the story unfolds..  Lots of background information too on the lead up to the Battles of Lexington and Concord, with the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party re-enacted. Period songs included. 45 minutes with Q&A afterwards.  Perfect compliment to the third grade social studies text.
Georgia Mill Workers During the Civil War: New Manchester Girl   Scynthia Catherine Stewart of New Manchester, Georgia, as well as others in the mill town, was charged with treason against the United States government for making cloth for the Confederate cause.  After the Yankee soldiers burned the textile mill, she was sent to Louisville, Kentucky, along with her mother and siblings, as prisoners of war.  1 hour 

Highly Recommended!   Eleanor Roosevelt, Godmother To The World
Wife, mother, newspaper columnist, speaker, UN Ambassador, human rights activist, and first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt emerged from her shell as a shy, ugly duckling to become one of our most popular and famous first ladies--a woman who made a difference. She was our first "working first lady" and a champion for those less fortunate. For third (emphasis on Eleanor, human rights activist) and fifth grades (emphasis on Eleanor and the Depression.) CCGPS:  ELACC3RL3,5,6  GPS:  SS3H2a,b: SS32G2 a,b,c; SS5Ha&b; SS5H6F

Highly Recommended! Abe Lincoln SS5H1 This mesmerizing performance captures the key events of Lincoln’s life and the decisions he makes to preserve the Union. The causes of and events leading up to the Civil War are woven into the personal story of a great American president. This program is delivered in first person by a man who has been portraying ABE for 37 years in 46 states at 2,150 locations in front of two million people.  Ask how you can have this program come to you for free. 1 hour