Civil War Soldier SS5H1  Students learn about the causes of the Civil War from the perspectives of both North and South and how going to war affected civilians on both sides. Students have a hands-on experience of various tools and accouterments used by a Civil War soldier while learning some of his daily routines and hardships. 1 hour

An African American Union Soldier  (SS5H1)  Hasan Davis performs as A. A. Burleigh, an enslaved man who escaped to serve in the Union army. This is the true story of his experiences, hardships and ability to endure. This is character education in the truest sense. 1 hour. 

Highly Recommended! Abe Lincoln SS5H1 This mesmerizing performance captures the key events of Lincoln’s life and the decisions he makes to preserve the Union. The causes of and events leading up to the Civil War are woven into the personal story of a great American president. 1 hour

Experience of the Enslaved African. SS5H1  Master storyteller Abayomi Goodall inhabits the spirit of Hattie Mae, an enslaved African woman who describes her experiences. Hattie Mae personifies the strength and endurance of enslaved people and talks about the spiritual and moral dimensions of this tragic part of American history. 1 hour.

Cherokee Scout for the Confederacy  SS5H1  Cherokee Indians played an important role in helping the South during the Civil War. Many fought for the Confederacy and others helped by gathering information on the whereabouts of Union troops. Students meet a Cherokee Scout and learn the history of the Civil War from a unique perspective. 1 hour.

Frederick Douglass  SS5H1  An escaped slave, Frederick Douglass became one of the most influential men of the nineteenth century. An advisor to Abraham Lincoln and a tireless advocate for abolition and equality of all people, Douglass is now considered the grandfather of the Civil Rights Movement. Through Michael Crutcher’s performance students appreciate this champion for freedom, equality and justice. 1 hour

Highly Recommended!    Harriett Tubman and the Underground Railroad  (SS5H1)  Students meet a true American heroine, who risked her life repeatedly to help enslaved people escape to freedom. The Underground Railroad and the people who made it work are the subject of this fascinating program. This is one they will never forget. 1 hour

Georgia Mill Workers During the Civil War: New Manchester Girl   Scynthia Catherine Stewart of New Manchester, Georgia, as well as others in the mill town, was charged with treason against the United States government for making cloth for the Confederate cause.  After the Yankee soldiers burned the textile mill, she was sent to Louisville, Kentucky, along with her mother and siblings, as prisoners of war.  1 hour 

Highly Recommended!   Eleanor Roosevelt, Godmother To The World
Wife, mother, newspaper columnist, speaker, UN Ambassador, human rights activist, and first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt emerged from her shell as a shy, ugly duckling to become one of our most popular and famous first ladies--a woman who made a difference. She was our first "working first lady" and a champion for those less fortunate. For third (emphasis on Eleanor, human rights activist) and fifth grades (emphasis on Eleanor and the Depression.) CCGPS:  ELACC3RL3,5,6  GPS:  SS3H2a,b: SS32G2 a,b,c; SS5Ha&b; SS5H6F

5th Grade In-School Programs