Programs for 2nd grade:

Georgia Educational Programs Inc.
Mary Musgrove  (SS2H2)
Meet the Creek Indian woman who was a cultural liaison between the Creeks and the early Georgia colony.  She was Oglethorpe's interpreter and worked to help establish peace and understanding between Indians and settlers, therefore playing an instrumental role in the founding of Savannah and the colony. This program is great paired with the Oglethorpe program. 45 minutes. 1 and a half hours with Oglethorpe.
Native Skills  (SS2H2, SS4H1, SS8H1)   How did Native Americans live? What did they eat and wear? What did they use for shelter and transportation? Learn the answers to these questions while you see everyday objects being made from natural materials such as deer hide, wood, stone, bone and shell. 1 hour
Colonial Georgia with James Oglethorpe  (SS2H1, SS2G2, SS4H3, SS8H2)
General Oglethorpe tells about the founding of Georgia, describing the way European settlers lived, the trials they faced, and both the cooperation and antagonism with Native Americans. He talks about his friendships with Creek Indians Tomochichi and Mary Musgrove. The pages of Oglethorpe's diary come to life in this highly engaging presentation. 45 minutes-1 hour.
Chief Tomochichi  (SS2H2)
Oglethorpe and the Georgia Colony could not have survived without the help of this famous Yamacraw chief, who gave Oglethorpe permission to establish Savannah on his tribal lands. The two leaders became good friends and Tomochichi accompanied Oglethorpe back to England, representing the interests of his people by seeking fair trade agreements.  Perfect paired with Oglethorpe. 45 minutes. 1 and a half hours with Oglethorpe
Cherokee Storytelling  (SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS4H1, SS8H1, SS8H5)
Students begin to understand Cherokee culture as they hear stories and myths told by a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Cherokee history and values were maintained through oral tradition until Sequoyah's syllabary in the early 19th century, so the role of stories and myths was and continues to be very important. 45 minutes.            
Sequoyah. SS2H1, SS2H2
Learn about Cherokees during the early 19th century and the man who created their written language.  Who was Sequoyah and why did he want to emulate the white man's "Talking Leaves"? How did the Cherokee syllabary change life for these Native Americans?  45 minutes.
Early Georgia Native Americans (SS2H2). Students experience the lifestyle of Mississippian Indians through stories of f their culture and traditions. Material culture as well beliefs and customs are integrated into a hands-on presentation on Georgia's natives. This is a great introduction designed for second-graders. 1 hour.
Native American Dance       SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS4H1, SS8H1, SS8H5
Students see traditional Cherokee and inter-tribal dances such as the hoop dance. Elaborate traditional regalia and ritualized movements convey meaning and tell stories. Presenters explain the dances and their meanings within native cultures. 1 hour.